What We Do

Our Focus

Achieving Cost Savings: APR provides campus with a framework for creating efficiencies in a way that ultimately drives and supports cultural change around business process improvement. Since launching in 2007, APR has partnered with staff and faculty across campus on more than 70 process improvement initiatives, achieving significant cost savings via increased efficiencies, reduced staff time, and improved customer service.

Affecting Culture Change: There is always challenge in affecting culture change, especially at a large, decentralized institution like UW-Madison. While our decentralization serves us well in many ways, it also makes standardization, internal communication, and change extremely difficult. APR works with campus leaders to tell the story of culture change and develop strategies for moving improvement forward at all levels of the university.

Employing Methodologies That Include Business Owners and Other Key Stakeholders: APR promotes and practices a disciplined approach to continuous improvement, employing methodologies that include the business owner and other key stakeholders throughout the process and beyond implementation. While there is often a temptation to pursue “quick fixes,” APR staff know that more often than not sustained, measurable improvement takes time and a dedication to customer-focused, data-driven decision-making. 

Providing Project Management, Performance Measurement, and Strategic Guidance: In addition to process improvement work, APR is often called upon to provide project management, performance measurement, and other strategic guidance. 

Our History

APR was a project initiated in 2007 to improve complicated, cross-campus processes. After three years of early, but proven success, APR moved from a project to an established program. Click the link below to read more about APR's history.

APR History

Annual Plans and Reports

Each year, APR conducts a comprehensive review of the year's work, accomplishments, and challenges. This process leads into planning for the coming year, identifying specific goals and projects to be started, continued, and completed. Following is a link to APR's annual plans and reports.

 APR Annual Plans and Reports