Current Projects

Following is a list of active APR projects. For more detailed information, including project work products and related documents, simply click on the project name.

Project Overview Business Owner Status
Financial (Profit and Loss) Report Development Design and produce rough drafts of monthly Profit and Loss (P&L) statements for each division and the overall institution. Business Services, Accounting Services, Administrative Council


Internal Controls - Capital Equipment Implementation Implement improvements to inventory tracking of capital equipment across campus. Business Services

Phase 1 - Completed

Phase 2 - Current

Internal Controls - Financial Information Management and Financial Reporting Establish accounting practices and activities to ensure integrity of data across all campus financial processes. Business Services

Report completed. Project team continuing.

Internal Controls - Purchasing Card Compliance Implementation (Procure-to-Pay sub-process) Refine and develop better controls and related monitoring around purchasing cards used by UW-Madison employees. Controller and Director of Accounting Services


Student/Parent Financial Portal Provide students and parents with one location for viewing university bills and account balances and for making payments. TBD

On hold