Mission and Guiding Principles

APR is committed to the following:

Mission Statement

To create and promote a culture of continuous improvement throughout UW-Madison which supports resource stewardship, improves service delivery and ensures administrative capacity across the enterprise to accomplish the university’s mission.

Guiding Principles

The following principles serve to anchor the values, behavior and decision-making of the Administrative Process Redesign (APR) Office. The APR staff will:

  • Direct our efforts toward engagement, inclusion and diversity in working with university staff and stakeholders.
  • Respect the contributions, values and expertise of university staff in the process and outcomes of improvement and change.
  • Engage in vested, committed partnerships with our campus colleagues to support and encourage their ongoing work in continuous improvement.
  • Provide thoughtful guidance, leadership, and support to our partners and teams throughout and beyond the duration of each project.
  • Teach, practice and offer the methodologies and tools to support continuous improvement efforts.
  • Promote the customer view in process development, efficient service delivery and effective communications.
  • Strive for transparency in communicating the goals, methods, and impacts of our work.
  • Employ data-driven decision-making tactics and strategies to provide direction for process improvement.
  • Recognize that acceptance of change is a critical component of successful implementation.
  • Sustain change through accountability and performance measurement.

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